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Welcome to the PMD Club!


The PMD Club (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon) revolves around the wonders of mystery dungeons and all of the pokemon and characters that take place in it. For those who don't know what PMD is, it is a game unlike any other Pokemon game where you are the actual pokemon and you can chose a partner pokemon to accompany you on journeys across the land of the pokemon world!


  • All Pokemon Clubs rules apply.
  • Don't post unless you are a member or signing up to be one.
  • When you post please make sure you answer the topic.
  • Spoilers must be kept inside spoiler tags.
  • Feel free to start a topic if the old one hasn't been replaced in awhile.
  • Your partner Pokemon cannot be the same type as yours, for example if you chose Squirtle you can't chose another water type to be your partner Pokemon.
  • You have the choice to nickname both of the Pokemon you chose if you wish.

Sign Up Form

Your Pokemon:
Partner Pokemon:
Answer Topic:

Pokemon To Chose From


Scroll to see all members | Hover over username to see points

  • jerichob10(owner) partner:
  • Iloveeevee(owner) partner:
  • Griffinbane partner:
  • Ralaia partner:
  • IrishAurum partner:
  • Ash493 partner:
  • SupporterCourageHound partner:
  • Aryan143 partner:
  • Seraphimon-sama partner:
  • Laugh(Hannah) partner:
  • Darlimus partner:
  • rainerman3 partner:
  • Dragon-T partner:
  • cacturne4512 partner:
  • Drgons90 partner:
  • synerjee partner:
  • MidnightShine partner:
  • arbok partner:
  • Cosmotone8 partner:
  • Galoria partner:


  • 20 points for joining
  • 3 points per post that contributes to club
  • 5 points for answering a topic
  • 20 points for making a banner
  • 15 points for making a userbar
  • 10 points for contributing to events
  • 30-50 points for winning an event (depends on what you place)

  • Member- Given to you when you join
  • Supporter- Given to you for achieving 100 points
  • Super Supporter- Given to you when you achieve 300 points
  • Mage Supporter- Given to you when you achieve 500 points (Also grants you the ability to freely post topics)
  • VIP- Given to you when you achieve 1000 points
  • Moderator- Given to you when you achieve 3000 points and when Iloveeevee and Jerichob10 deem you worthy
  • Owner- Only Jerichob10 and Iloveeevee get this rank


  • Current Topic: What is your theory as to why there isn't any humans in the PMD universe?
  • If you could chose any area in the Mystery Dungeons world, where would you chose as your "home"?
  • How would your initial reaction to being turned into a Pokemon be and how would you cope with the new world around you?
  • What Pokemon did you chose as your Pokemon and partner Pokemon and why?