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Originally Posted by CourageHound View Post
Hmm...ok, well I have a question on the PMD universe....well two actually. When you explore a dungeons, how do you think the dungeons change around all the time? I dunno, i always found that puzzling. Maybe they dont really change but its actually a mirrage. Or maybe the corridors actually do change but no one notices?....or both? What do you guys think?

Also...being the pokemon that you are as your MC and/or even some other pokemon you would want to be; would you want to evolve? Factoring in your size limitations, new abillities, body type, your relationship with your partner(can they evolve also? will they like it? will they be sad you changed? things can/cannot do with your partner, etc.), your new weaknesses as well, and finnaly; the thought that you cant change back.

Sorry if i'm a little off topic, although i already answered it :(
Well the mystery dungeons are always changing shape and form and are always random! Thats why they are called mystery dungeons! Because they are always changing ^_^

Originally Posted by Seraphimon-sama View Post
Username: Seraphimon-sama
Your Pokemon: Riolu
Partner Pokemon: Eevee
Answer Topic: I chose Riolu as my Pokemon because I felt a strong bond with it and its sassy nature. I chose Eevee as the Partner Pokemon because Eevee is my favourite non-legendary Normal-Type and evolves into my favourite Ice-Type.

Hi, Welcome to the club! I have that exact set of pokemon in the newest PMD Universe!

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