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    Scolipede isn't that good at the end of the day, having to wait for Mega Horn, then deal with it's Accuracy.

    Nidoking is pretty good, I'm take a guess here, but I think you got the DW Ability, so that means when it evolves into Nidoking all it's moves with an effect (Fire Blast, Thunder, Blizzard, Earth Power, Level Ground) will get stronger, with the cost of no secondary effects (Sheer Force). You can get the Moon Stone for Nidorino after Pinwheel Forest (Inner), then wait until it get's Trash and bam, it hit's like a truck. Then when you get to Nimbasia you get Return, and after Clay you get Smooth Over, an Awesome STAB move (120 BP after STAB and Sheer Force)

    tl;dr: Nidoking > Scolipede