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    Originally Posted by kuzronk View Post
    His pale-skin tan is why he's being compared to a Orangutan and not the skin he was born with, a huge difference. She also called Obama a Muslim just because of his skin color as well.

    Also research what libertarian means, I'm not implying that he didn't want Clinton to win.
    Yeah, sorry, not buying that explanation at all. If I were to call a fellow white man, a lily white man for the record, a monkey, technically, I'd be just as racist as if I were to call a black person that if I were to adhere to that term, as I see zero difference between them (same deal if they, say, compared Bush to a monkey).

    Also, I know what a libertarian is. In fact, one of my Middle School teachers IS a libertarian, even had a magazine cover that essentially said the good lose is one of the two presidential candidates, Bush and Kerry, will lose, before saying that the bad news is one will win, so I actually have first hand experience of knowing libertarians. I don't think a libertarian would go as far as to demand for his audience to cause an economic recession/depression just to force a sitting president out (my middle school teacher most certainly didn't, and he wasn't fond of either Bush or Kerry [heck, he even had a photocopied image of Bush's face superimposed with that of a baby chimpanzee, if that's anything to go by.], and also wasn't a big fan of Abe Lincoln [I believe his exact words about Lincoln were that he was "a bunch of crap, son."].), which is exactly what Maher did. Besides, I'm pretty sure Obama would have been considered, if not a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, then certainly one of its biggest allies due to him essentially being the reason why it grew as big as it did via the whole "Arab Spring."

    In any case, the topic dealt with the banned episode, so let's keep it to that. For the record, like I said, passimian is pretty obviously based on lemurs, heck, technically they have white fur as well, so it's obvious they aren't black stereotypes at all (and quite frankly, if they're so upset at the mere presence of monkeys or apes due to thinking it's racist for whatever reason, technically, the Aipom capture and focus episodes ought to be banned for the same reason as well, not to mention Ash capturing and later using Primeape. It's just stupid, as is it being banned for "black face" when, BTW, it doesn't even REMOTELY look like blackface at all.). The ban was stupid, probably far worse than whatever edits or episode bans 4Kids may have been responsible for (even Ice Cave and any episodes where Jynx ended up banned at least had Jynx actually HAVING dark skin and big lips as a sufficient excuse for banning it, even if it was a stupid reason to begin with, while this clearly didn't).