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    Originally Posted by oscariothetrainer View Post
    Can you evolve your evee?
    Yes, in Eevee version it auto-evolves in Sylveon at the moment via level + happiness, just like my edit for Raichu, but has no special emotion sprites / just keeps looking like eevee outside of battle for now, in part because I haven't decided if I want to favor a particular evolution or not yet. Having other evos as well or some kind of weird 'mega evolve eevee temporarily into any evo' type system is something I'm still working on; this is still a very early version of the Eevee edition, hence why I asked for testers. If need be I can just post alternate versions with different evolutions though.

    Originally Posted by TailsMK4 View Post
    I guess in general the game is a little on the easy side, but part of that might be due to it being rather easy to level up (I trained in Viridian Forest instead of the Routes due to the various Pokemon giving 100+ EXP, but also because I was trying to get Yanma). It also could be because I waited until the Pokemon I wanted is a shiny (took me probably 20-30 minutes to finally get a Purple colored Marill when I saw probably three different colors for both Bellsprout and Oddish), which tend to have good stats compared to similar versions of the same Pokemon. While I would agree Hidden Power Ice for Yanma might be a little overkill (I didn't realize until I used it against Spearow that it was Ice, it's actually Pin Missile that has really been doing work), it is also the reason I was able to get my third member with both members of my team almost double the level of the wild Pokemon on Route 24. Replacing Sonicboom for Dragon Rage almost was a mistake at this point in the game, but I still managed. I'm now at Route 25 to get member four for my team, then I'm off to Bill's. I probably could sweep Misty's team with just Raichu at this point, but I'm expecting a little resistance since Brock had some type coverage on his team as well.

    EDIT: Got my fourth member, now to do some training and proceed to Bill's.
    I keep getting complaints that it is too easy, I'm glad that part of this is likely to be people over-grinding. Nonetheless, I'm going to try and tweak the next version (which likely will be out soon as I have a lot of free time right now) a bit more for difficulty, possibly move the grass/water mons except hoppip (who doesn't start with a grass move) out to the next route after Brock or somethin'. I may also be adding Spinarak and Pineco, who likely would be available early instead, and shuffle so Riolu and Sentret can be found wild, although Forretress won't really be itself until/if I program in a Spikes move, which I'm not sure if anyone but me would be interested in playing around with, but could make the Brock fight a bit harder at least.
    I could also perhaps lower the EXP yield of the mons in Viridian forest, now that you mention it, so leveling takes longer, but that seems a little evil. I mean, no one really likes grinding to my knowledge.
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