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    Originally Posted by Negi Springfield View Post
    At the above, from what I recall, that's just an error in message and not actual damage. Gen 1's battle system couldn't contextualize dual types well.

    Sadly I have another error to report in the most recent version. I don't know if it's like this every time, since I lost a bit of progress, but when I used the Move Forgeter to remove Cut from my Charizard and then used the Move Learner to give him Fire Fang, the game crashed. I didn't lose my save this time, but I hadn't saved in a while so i'll have to get back to Fuchsia City in order to test that again.

    PS: Fire Fang doesn't inflict burn, it instead sometimes freezes the enemy. Not... sure... how that works?..
    Hm. Thank you for telling me about these crashes. The dig one in your earlier post is especially worrying, as I don't remember trying to modify dig in any way. The Move Forgetter at least could be result of me not porting it over carefully enough, as there are slight changes between pokered and pokeyellow versions.

    And the Fire Fang thing doing ice is quite weird. I didn't initially program it, just copied over the code, so possibly I put something out of order there and Ice Fang and Fire Fang had their effects switched maybe. I know I previously tried out Poison fang and had its effect work properly, haven't tried Ice Fang.
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