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Posted February 19th, 2016
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Hi, I have worked on my project fixing bugs, and here, I bring u the new Beta, V1.6
Pokémon Crush Beta 1.6

What's New?
I have implemented a new Pokédex. I have ordered pokémons who will appears on my hack on the Regional Pokédex.
That Pokédex isn't finish and you will receive the National one.
I have created the Route 12 too, and the pickage system, but on that Beta, you don't get any Pickage, you will only see the rocks.

And that's all, i'm gonna answer your comments:

GOLD: Thank u, now you can enter on Campers, because before, you can't xD (bugs).
Saludos, y espero que te este gustando xD gracias por comentar ^^

itari: Yes, pickages will replace Strenght and Rock Smash, i don't like these movements and... good bye xD.
The story has just been changed, and i have never use google translator for so long texts, i promise xD Thanks for comment, and I wish you play it and get funny ^^

machomuu: I haven't words, thank u so much, when you need something, ask for me xD I owe you one ^^