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Posted February 19th, 2016
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Hi guys! I am here again with another update. Let's see it:

1º Principal post.
I have changed the "Screenshots" part. I have made a big image with some features of my hack.
In the image, you will see indoors CP, houses and the title screen. Enjoy it :D

2º Changes on the hack.
I have change some parts of the dialogs which didn't explain at all the story of the hack.

3º New Screenshots


4º Hack Translation
An user of this community, "Fun Size" is translating my hack. He offered to do it, so THANK U VERY MUCH

That's all, i'm going to answer comments, so see us on the next update!

[spoiler= Answers]
Lucra = Translation is coming ^^
JosefingGaming = Haha thanks ^^[/spoiler]