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Posted February 19th, 2016
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Hi everyone! Someone played the hack? Tell me your opinions please :P

I am here another time with new features.
The first, a new way to play the hack. When you arrive to an especified place, you can enter on the skin of a Meowth to live a story.
I will show the Route14 of my hack, the first you see when are playing the hero:

Do you like the Route inside of Meowth's eyes?

And the second feature I want to show is the system of Achievements.
Yes, achievements. Somebody that had play my hack, can see that there aren't the current story of the hacks.
The story of my hack is writing while you play, so you can get any objects, pokemon... THINGS, that another player can't.
Then, on that way, if you win "X" bets, if you gain "X" money, if you reach the high "campers" level, if you cook all the recipes... you will win an achievement.
The achievements are Pokémon on lvl 1, edited by me which can't gain experience, and won't learn new attacks so, Why is so important that Pokémon?
The Pokémon are simbolic, you can enter all the "Achievements" on a box of your PC and show us how long you played the hack, and the things you did.
Is difficult to explain, and if I can't speak 100% English, imposible, I wish you understand me.
Something like that:

Changing "?" symbols for specials Pokémon.
Note: "Achievement Pokémon" can't be captured.

The last update is my own fanbar, if anyone loves my hack, here are a way to show me xD
That's all, comment please, and happy new year!