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The point of Shadow Pokémon is that they don't get stronger. They're made strong by becoming Shadow Pokémon, but then they can't grow further either by gaining Exp or evolving.

If you must, then I believe you primarily only need to look in def pbEvolutionCheck and change some code there. Specifically, you'd want to modify the longest line, which checks whether the Pokémon has changed its level since the start of battle; you'd want to add something like "or, if it's a Shadow Pokémon, do its current Exp plus its stored Exp combined mean it has theoretically changed its level?". You may also need to change a couple of other places to record the "current Exp plus stored Exp" amount for Shadow Pokémon (rather than simply "current Exp" as it does now) to make the comparison easier.

Shadow Pokémon can already evolve if traded or if an evolution stone is used on them (which is a bug; thanks for drawing my attention to it; I've fixed that for Essentials v18).
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