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Originally Posted by IceGod64 View Post
In short, no.

Long answer: The idea of this thread is to list, and in doing so, bring attention to all the minor issues with essentials. The suggestions thread is about making suggestion such as ideas.

So unless you consider it "I SUGGEST you fix this minor error"(Which is quite rude), no, it does not go in suggestions. Arguably these could fit into bug & Error Reporting, but it would simply clutter that thread as these are all small cosmetic bugs generally that don't warrant being posted there.
Essentially you are pointing out things that bother you that can be fixed. These might as well be suggestions that should be posted in the suggestions thread. I see no reason to differentiate a new thread and the suggestions thread when it comes to this topic. Topics have overall goals, and I cannot help but feel the overall goal of this is to eventually get these things adjusted, warranting these as suggestions...

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