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    Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
    I really believe that it's time for the days of the recharging moves to come to an end. Or at least, that's what I'm hoping for will happen. Ever since Roar of Time, which was learned by Dialga in Gen 4 (along with Giga Impact), it seems to me that the introduction of new moves that require recharging has reduced itself to zilch (at least, I don't remember any moves that require you to recharge in Gen 5). Instead of wasting a completely good turn waiting to recharge, we have moves that lower your stats as a consequence, which is a much lesser evil as you at least have a turn to switch out and switch back in again, inflicting massive amounts of damage each time you do.

    See: Victini in UU, essentially.

    In any case, I do not believe that Geomancy nor Oblivion wing will not be moves that require a recharge, rather I think they will be moves that would have heavy secondary effects, or rather moves that would be similar in nature to V-Create, inflicting massive amounts of damage whilst lowering the user's stats significantly. Going by what has happened last generation, what with Kyurem-B and Kyurem-W suffering no negative ailments whatsoever as a result of using their own signature moves, I can safely assume that this might ring true for these legendaries as well, making them more powerful than they should be, but eh.
    Or you know, they could bring back the old Gen 1 mechanic of recharging moves skipping the recharging part after landing a successful KO, thus making Hyper Beam and other rechargable moves used more often back in the old Red/Blue days.
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