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    Originally Posted by Meowing Mewtwo View Post
    Okay, I have a big problem.
    A REEEEEEEEALLY big problem.

    Game: Pokemon Topaz Version, the first of the Garnet Dynasty Triad

    Base: Pokemon Ruby Version

    Script type: That depends, as I've tried to fix it so many times. I'll say it's a ground panel (I forgot what they're really called).

    Script editor: That's kinda where the problem starts.

    My problem is pretty bad. You see, I've tried so hard to get this right. It started with my use of PokeScript not working. Then it was my use of XSE that didn't work, and now it's my use of PKSV that doesn't work. I've tried basically every reliable script editor, but one of two things will happen; either the clicky noise of when a text box pops up (or the level-up sound) will happen, but nothing else will, or the worse one, a glitched up poke mart on steroids will appear. It's impossible to exit from, and it looks like poop, not to mention it breaks my ROM pretty much every stinkin' time! I just can't figure this out, and any help would be appreciated. Thanks for reading this absurdly long post, I hope someone can help me fix this!

    Oh, duh! I'm in the script help thread! Here's the freaked out script that hates my guts.

    #dyn 0x740000
    #org @begin
    m walk_down_vslow walk_right_vslow walk_right_vslow walk_right_vslow walk_right_vslow walk_right_vslow walk_right_vslow walk_right_vslow walk_right_vslow walk_right_vslow look_down walk_down_vslow walk_down_vslow walk_down_vslow walk_down_vslow walk_down_vslow walk_down_vslow walk_down_vslow walk_down_vslow walk_down_vslow look_up walk_left_vslow walk_left_vslow walk_left_vslow walk_left_vslow walk_left_vslow walk_up_vslow end
    trainerbattle 0x0 0x256 0x0 @thelegendspeaks @upondefeat
    msgbox @aftermath
    callstd MSG_NORMAL
    #org @thelegendspeaks
    = Latias: So[.] you came. You\nare ready to meet your\ldestiny, I presume?\pv\h01: I suppose[.] But I'm a\llittle nervous[.]\pLatias: That doesn't matter.\lDestiny cannot be changed, and\las my duties inform me, I\lcannot allow you to live. So\lwill you give up now, or force\lmy power?\pv\h01: Wait, WHAT?!\pI wasn't supposed to DIE!\pI can't! I have so much in my\llife[.]\pLatias: Like I already said, I\lcannot allow you to live.\pYou made me do this.\pI am afraid that you must\lperish now.\pBe ready to feel darkness, v\h01!
    #org @upondefeat
    = Not possible[.]!
    #org @aftermath
    = No! Destiny cannot be disrupted!\nYou should've given up your\llife when you had the chance!

    Oh, and I wrote it in PKSV (by score_under) Scripting doesen't work on either of my computers, by the way. :pink_frown:

    Thanks in advance!

    Alright, change back to XSE (It's a lot easier to use and it's more highly supported), download it from 4Shared or MediaFire. These are XSE ver. 1.1.1. Rewrite your script in XSE, compile it, set it to a script tile and then let us know what happens.

    Originally Posted by PokemonMasters View Post
    there is something wrong with this script. After i win i and i talk to him nothing happens.
    #org 0x800000
    trainerbattle 0x0 0x1 0x0 0x8800017 0x8800041
    msgbox 0x880005D '"I will train harder to defeat you!"

    ' Strings
    #org 0x800017
    = This will be my first Pokemon Battle!!

    #org 0x800041
    = No! I Lost! This can't be!

    #org 0x80005D
    = I will train harder to defeat you!
    Here's my fixes and \\Explanations of changes. These comments should not be added when compiling..

    #dynamic 0x800000
    #org @start
    trainerbattle 0x0 0x001 0x0 @before @after
    msgbox @beaten 0x6 \\This needs to be added to define the message type. I have no idea how you managed to compile in XSE without it giving you an error saying you have too few parameters, or without it putting a 0x# after "msgbox 0x880005D" upon compiling. Either way, this should fix your problem.
    #org @before
    = This will be my first Pokemon\nBattle!!! \\The other problem with your script, is that you need to have the \n because that line of text doesn't fit on one line. I suggest using the Text Adjuster Tool when writing dialogue.
    #org @after
    = No! I Lost! This can't be!
    #org @beaten
    = I will train harder to defeat you!

    Write this script into XSE without the stuff in blue, compile it, set it to a sprite, check the "Trainer" box, set the View Radius, and it should work. Let us know if you have anymore problems!
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