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    Okay, I'm brand new to this, so I'm sure it's a really simple fix, but I cannot see what's wrong for the life of me.
    I'm just trying to do a simple yes/no script in which the player receives a Treecko if they push yes (copying a script almost directly from a tutorial by Full Metal). However, when I go to test it, "yes" ends up getting treated the same as "no", and I can't get the pokemon. Can anybody see what I did wrong?

    Game: Ruby
    Type: Person event
    Editor: PKSV
    #dynamic 0x740000

    #org @main
    checkflag 0x200
    if 0x1 jump @haveit
    message @want
    callstd MSG_YESNO
    if 0x1 jump @yes
    jump @no

    #org @haveit
    message @howsit
    callstd MSG_NORMAL

    #org @yes
    setflag 0x200
    addpokemon TREECKO 5 00 0 0 0
    message @herego
    callstd MSG_NORMAL

    #org @no
    message @dontwant
    callstd MSG_NORMAL

    #org @want
    = I have this TREECKO, but I don't want it. \nWould you like it?

    #org @howsit
    = How is my TREECKO doing?

    #org @dontwant
    = Oh, ok. I'll find another trainer.

    #org @herego
    = Here you go. Please take good care of my TREECKO!

    Thanks to Ash493 and Alignment, it was the missing "compare" line that was causing the problem Ash493's recommendation worked, but I'll probably be using Alignment's solution in the future just because I prefer words over numbers