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Originally Posted by LividZephyr View Post
I don't understand why pirating TV shows is a bad thing. I mean, if you can watch it on the web for free, why can't you download it for free? It shouldn't be illegal at all to download something you could see at a scheduled time or can see online. Of course, this applies more to broadcast networks than cable, because you have to pay for cable while you can get ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW for no cost except an antenna. They make no money if you buy a Terk antenna, do they?

As for music, I've stopped going the route of illegally downloading it. I like going to YouTube to hear the songs on a new album before I make the decision on if I want it or not. There isn't anything wrong with that - you can listen to the song like you would on the radio, then decide if you want to buy. It isn't "piracy" if you're just listening to it.

Or watching it, if it's a TV show. I did hear that the broadcast networks scoured YouTube and removed all of the old episodes of their shows to ensure that nobody could get into them. That's just stupid. It's the same as downloading - sure, you may have a copyright, but shouldn't it be where people can view them? Isn't that important for getting new viewers?

Basically, I think file sharing is only okay with TV shows. I really need to stop downloading other things that way but I'm broke and can't do much right now. Guess I might have to wait...
Because when you watch it online for free, they have advertisements with it that pay the network when they're viewed. Downloading it doesn't offer a revenue towards the network.
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