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    The stereotype that everyone who goes to the gym and tries to achieve a muscular body is usually dumb.

    Like if muscles aren't compatible with brains.

    Also, the one where people assume that quiet people are all good. Sure, some are, but some are devilish.

    This one has been mentioned but gay DOES not mean being a "femalish" man, or a drama queen. My uncle is gay and you bet your ass he had all the girls chase him. The man is freakin cool and has so much charm.

    Another stereotype is that all black people are "trouble". When most people see black guys together they assume they're up to no good, and also the fact that when something does happen, no one stands up to them.

    Seriously, they can be cowards too, once one tried to rob me and ran like a girl when I stood up to him. Most people just assume they are bad and will kill you or something. Ridiculous
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