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Originally Posted by O07_eleven View Post
@Shining Raichu: Stupid religious people, but I have never, ever been told anything remotely like that as i'm a left handed writer. Your society must have a lot more ridiculously misinformed and fanatic religious people spouting their mouths off about us lefties :) It's just plain idiocy really, but if anyone tells me i'm devils spawn they can expect a good ol left handed slap in the face! >:)

Yes in that last paragraph i'm inferring I believe negative American stereotypes to be true but I think any rational, well educated and hard working American has his voice drowned out by the very vocal and very ignorant percentage of the population that may or may not be disproportionately large due to misguided religion, poor education and an innate sense of overbearing pride stemming from the U.S's previously dominating position in the world. All I can say without wrongly classifying the sensible Americans on this forum is that you guys have a few tourists being ignorant overseas and the dumb things said by morons get a lot more coverage than they should so it seems like that is what your society is made up of, or at least idolizes :) And don't get me started on the political system or your unhealthy fixation with guns or a 250 year old scrap of paper, eugh.

(All that writing to explain my dislike of a country which could simply be put down to 'I hate America hurdurr fat people:P')
OK firstly my post about left-handers was a joke and I'm kind of shocked that not one but two people actually took it seriously haha.

Secondly there is a lot of anti-American hate here in Australia which all comes down to the fear that Australia is becoming more Americanised. I for one welcome our new donut-eating overlords. At least then we'll have some decent television.
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