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    Originally Posted by The Artist Formerly Known As Shining Raichu View Post
    Secondly there is a lot of anti-American hate here in Australia which all comes down to the fear that Australia is becoming more Americanised. I for one welcome our new donut-eating overlords. At least then we'll have some decent television.
    I love American television and music, so I wouldn't complain.

    Plenty of the Muslim stereotypes tick me off, and I keep coming into contact with people who believe them. For one thing, people think that we're a monolithic croup. There's many divisions of Islam. Even within the Muslim community I get flak from Sunnis because I'm Shia. The differences between Sunni and Shia Islam are substantial. I'm from a mixed Sunni/Shia country. I'm also not thrilled with the stereotype that we all hate America and the West. I love America and enjoy reading about it - I have a few books on American history. (Often I have to teach my parents and grandparents about it!) Also, the whole turban thing is pretty silly. No, Muslims don't run around in turbans anymore. These days, it's usually Sikhs who wear them. The religious headgear that I wear sometimes looks more like a yarmulke. Someone mistook me for Jewish when I wore it to school. (What we wear is actually called a taqiyah.) And even though I'm Arab, I get annoyed when people think that all Muslims are Arabs. That's very far from the truth. My two best Muslim friends are Turkish and Bosnian - definitely not Arab countries! I would list more stereotypes, but unfortunately I'd be here all day if I did.

    However, growing up in a crappy area of Sydney put me in contact with Muslims who did fit the stereotypes.
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