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    Originally Posted by PokémonShinySilver View Post
    Did you know that patches actually contain any data that is different from the ROM it's meant to be patched on? So even if you patched an English Pokémon Ruby with a patch that's designed for an English Pokémon Ruby that got made from the ROM hack, you'd never know if it was in another language originally. :o It's quite amazing how it works, isn't it? :)

    'Cause Light Platinum did start off in Portuguese before someone created an English translated version that was based off the original. ^^

    It's also amazing how much things have changed since those very days. 'Cause we now have the stuff that is possible... that wasn't known 4 years ago. ;)
    Yes, I know it was originally in Portuguese. I watched a video series that started that way and changed to the English patch later. ;)

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