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Now, fun is a subjective term. Even when it comes to playing video games. That being said, how would you describe your best form of 'having fun' when playing video games? In other words... what do you like doing on video games the most?

For example, my version of the best kind of fun I have with video games, is to challenge myself in puzzle, or strategy situations, for example, when I'm playing Fire Emblem games set on a high difficulty. I do like challenging my brain power when to came to that. I also do love playing the most when I'm working with a story-line that blows people out of the water. If I experience a video game that has an unexpected storyline, or plot twist, I'd be more diligent to play and complete it! There are more examples I'd share, but, I'll leave it at that for now.

So, how about you guys? What do you prefer doing the most at video games for your own version of fun?
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