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For me, what makes a game fun is the storyline. If the story's good and very easy to get sucked into, then I'll enjoy the game a lot. And if it isn't, then, well… I may end up not touching the game ever again. xD From all games that I've played so far, Assassin's Creed II had one of the best storyline. You start of as a young guy known as Ezio Auditore, trying to learn a few fighting skills from your brother. Later that day, you get yourself into trouble, and end up upsetting someone. Due to that, this person makes false accusations of your brother and gets him executed. Eventually, he gets your dad killed, too. He tried to get your mom and sister killed as well, but he couldn't, since he wasn't able to think of a good reason for their executions. All of this causes you to seek revenge on the guy, making you become an assassin at the end. d:

Other than the stories, another thing that determines how fun I consider a game to be is the difficulty. If the game's too challenging, then I won't be enjoying it a bit. If it's a little too easy, then I won't enjoy it either. It has to be in-between.
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