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I'm not sure if you've already found a solution for your question yet, but I'll see what I can do.

Apparently the types of drum instruments available for a song you insert depends on the voicegroup offset you are using for your song's instruments. For example in my Emerald ROM hack, for songs that I'll need a lot of different kinds of drums for, I use either "Sky Pillar" or "Battle 6"'s voicegroup offset depending on what style I'm going for. Additionally, I edit these voicegroups to also include non-drum (flute, tubular bells, etc) instruments that are only found in other voicegroups, so it functions as an 'all in one' voicegroup for any new song in the future. Unfortunately, I don't currently know how to edit which drum instruments are available in a particular voicegroup, as I have no idea which numbers in the drum track correspond to what drum instruments between AS and Sappy, there are so many to test out.

So for your purposes, I'd recommend using a voicegroup that has shows lot of drum instruments (or at least the ones you want for your song) and copy/paste individual instrument data (offsets, values, etc) from the voice table editor in Sappy between voicegroups so you can then use all the instruments you want in one voicegroup.