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My roleplay is recently new, & one spot just opened up. If anyone wants to join, there's one spot left open as it was recently freed up.

Here's my RP.

Pokémon United


There are legends born throughout the world, trainers triumphing Champions, Ancient Pokémon awakening, time and space distorted itself, even Pokémon liberation. In every situation presented, there was always someone out there who would write any wrongdoings. They weren’t alone, however. They always had their Pokémon by their side. Not just Pokémon, friends, legends, there was always help nearby. Some trainers come and go, to compete in contests, to relax peacefully at home, to continue exploring the vast regions the world has to offer. Their stories are always told by many and some are recorded. When they are, new chapters are written by new faces, with many dangers lurking in every corner. Present day, & everything is at peace, but not for long. There have been reports of people being kidnapped mysteriously, & strangely enough, they leave the kidnapped's Pokemon behind for some reason. This is happening worldwide, & none of the missing have been found so far. Cities & towns have been tightening up security, but they have had little to no success so far. If you're gonna go out at night, be careful.


You are a Pokémon Trainer who wants to be the very best, or you want to shine on stage, or you just want some peace and quiet from all the struggles. Whoever you are, you have the power to shape your own story, your own destiny. It all depends on what you do and what it tells about you. Your story starts in any small town, or somewhere in the mountains or forests. Either way, your journey starts here & now.



Nickname: [Optional]

Age: [13-19]

Gender: [M or F]

Appearance: [Picture optional, otherwise, 1 paragraph]

Personality: [At least 2 paragraphs]

History: [Can come from any of the regions, or even outside from them, don't include a destination if you're joining at the start of the RP, 2-3 paragraphs]

Pokémon Team: [1 required, starter Pokémon optional, maximum 3, no legendary Pokémon]

-Pokémon 1
Nickname: [Optional]
Gender: [M, F, or Genderless]
Personality: [Small description]
Level: [5-15]
Move Set: [May include TM/HM moves, egg moves & such, Limit 6]

-Pokémon 2 [Optional]
Nickname: [Optional]
Gender: [M, F, or Genderless]
Personality: [Small description]
Level: [5-15]
Move Set: [May include TM/HM moves, egg moves & such, Limit 6]

-Pokémon 3 [Optional]
Nickname: [Optional]
Gender: [M, F, or Genderless]
Personality: [Small description]
Level: [5-15]
Move Set: [May include TM/HM moves, egg moves & such, Limit 6]


Name: Saiai

Nickname: None

Age: 16

Gender: Male


Personality: Saiai is... he's a bit oblivious. He's somewhat quiet, but he doesn't always keep to himself. He'll point out the obvious about anything, so be prepared to suffer his statements about you. In actuality, he doesn't like or trust anyone he doesn't know. He doesn't like talking about himself. He doesn't want to know anyone either, & won't bother getting friendly with them. From his past experience & childhood, Saiai is afraid of the outside world. At the same time, he's curious what the outside world is like.

He likes Pokemon battles, even though he's never been in one before, & to make it better, he has his headphones that play music depending on his mood. When he's not busy with anything in particular, he idly listens to his music, enjoying the soothing sound of his beats. His eyes are full of life whenever he watches it. He admires Pokemon so much, he wishes to spend everyday with them & help them out however he can. The thing is, he doesn't show much emotion when he does anything, so people have trouble understanding him. He's afraid to get in trouble, trying his best to follow the rules. There is, however, one way he'll let go of his feelings, but... I'll say this only once. Do NOT break his headphones.

History: When Saiai was but a child, he lived in Jubilife City, quietly going to school as any other child does. He didn't get along with anyone, keeping to himself, wanting nothing but to do his own things by himself. He didn't make friends this way, & it only made bullies for him. When he was 6, he was quietly listening to his headphones, just listening to his music, when some kids he didn't like nor did he want to came up to him. They called him a loner & a wall, but he paid no mind to them, just reading & listening to his music. He couldn't hear them anyone. When one of the kids knocked off his headphones so he would listen, they broke when they hit the floor. Saiai was stunned by his precious, broken headphones. He didn't listen to the names he was being called, only staring at his headphones. He snapped, his face was full of rage & anger, & he plunged for the kid who broke his headphones. What happened later, his was sitting in the office, his face still planted with the same anger, but his eyes with wet with tears, crying. His parents thought it best they move away & home school him. It was for the best, to keep him away from trouble.

They moved to Petalburg City, a smaller place than Jubilife City. Saiai continued his studies here, at home. He felt a bit lonely while he was hoping, always wanting to stay indoors rather than go outside, in fear of getting in trouble with anything, anyone. His parents worried about his well being, so they thought a Pokemon might help. They did have a Ralts, the child of their own Pokemon, Gardevoir belonging to his mother, & Gallade to his father. They wanted to surprise Saiai with Pokemon when he got older, worried that he would spend too much time with them as he never saw nor heard about Pokemon, but this would help his health & keep him company. He was introduced to Ralts, & he was overcome with curiousity. He picked its small horns, asking questions about this. They explained to him about Pokemon the world outside, & what Pokemon can do. He didn't show it, but he was amazed from all the things known about Pokemon, & decided to look up everything about them on his free time. He still spent time with the nicknamed Fi at the same time, learning new things from his new Pokemon. He didn't spend much time outside, but at least he was having fun with Fi.

Growing up in Petalburg up until he was 16, he learned about Pokemon battle, what a trainer is, & many mysteries this world has to offer. He was too afraid to explore the unknown, but his parents offered to come along with him for however long he wanted them, whenever he was ready. He decided to finally start his own journey, telling his parents he was ready. His father gave him a map of the regions he would want to explore, & one of his Pokemon, a Luxio, to start him off. With his father, his mother staying to keep an eye on the house, Saiai leaves Petalburg City, keeping close to his dad until he knew he was ready.

Pokémon Team: [1 required, starter Pokémon optional, maximum 3, no legendary Pokémon]

Nickname: Fi
Gender: Female
Personality: Fi is rather curious about how others feel. She tries her best to help Saiai with his feelings, but still no avail. She express what Saiai is feeling, though is careful not to cause trouble for him.
Ability: Telepathy
Level: 11
Move Set: Teleport, Calm Mind, Psychic, Confuse Ray, Draining Kiss, Magical Leaf

Nickname: Roy
Gender: Male
Personality: Luxio's pride is his priority, but he is willing to swallow it up for his trainer. He puts his full trust to his trainer, & can read a situation well.
Ability: Rivalry
Level: 15
Move Set: Wild Charge, Scary Face, Charge, Crunch, Thunder Fang, Rest

  • Follow all the rules that apply.
  • This RP is rated M so watch carefully what you post. You can help or harm people or Pokemon, but don't harm special characters, & don't be too violent.
  • Be fair. No one likes you if you’re too OP.
  • In Pokemon Battles, you must initiate your turn & wait for the RPer to reply how they deal with it. If you're the one deciding how to handle the opponent's moves, consider the Pokemon's type, any held items, abilities, etc & decide how to retaliate, & vice versa.
  • Outside of Pokemon Battles, you can do whatever you want with your Pokemon. Other facilities will offer ways to enjoy yourself. (See the facilities for there own special rules.)
  • This is a sandbox RP. You may explore areas freely if they're available. There will of course involve a plot for the RP & give everyone something to look forward to if your character isn't doing anything.
  • Swearing is allowed, but don’t go overboard.
  • No godmodding.
  • No bunnying unless you have permission.
  • Must post at least once a week.
  • Be respectful of everyone.
  • Have fun!


The majority of the Kanto region are forests and plains. Many of the major Kanto cities are in the center of the region, with close access to virtually every environment such as the sea, mountains, forests, etc. Kanto is mostly dominated by land, but has a large bay in the middle which opens to a sea in the southwest. Kanto has a contrast between urban cities and rural towns. Cinnabar Island is unique in a way that it is built on top of a mountain. The rest of Kanto's cities and towns are generic. Kanto has several mountain ranges, which are mostly in northern and western Kanto. Indigo Plateau and Victory Road mountain range divides Kanto from the neighboring Johto region.

Johto is notably more rural than the Kanto region, which leans more towards to the urban side. The region has an abundance of water to the west and south, with Cianwood City most likely being on a separate landmass. However, Johto is still dominated by land. Johto's ultra-modern Goldenrod City is found in the heart of the region, on the coast. It is the technological, industrial, and economic area of the Johto region. Due to its centralized position in the region, many smaller but important cities and towns connect to the city. Johto has one large mountain range encompassing almost the entire eastern half of the region, which divides Kanto and Johto and contains Mt. Silver. Blackthorn City is nestled deep between the mountains and is very unique because it is a city for Dragon Tamers.

Much of the interior area is forested or mountainous, so most notable cities are found on the coastline. Much of the region is covered in water, almost equal in size as the mainland, restating the theme of the game. People who live in towns and villages in the mountain areas must adapt to the harsh environment. An extreme example of this is the inhabitants of Fortree City, who live in tree houses. This is in stark contrast to other regions in the Pokémon world. Hoenn has one volcano: Mt. Chimney, the active volcano, in the center of the Hoenn region. The ash from Mt. Chimney regularly falls on the nearby towns and routes. On the opposite side of the Hoenn region resides the impact crater which Sootopolis City was built in.

Most of Sinnoh's routes are on land, having very few water routes, in vast contrast to Hoenn. The region is divided by Mt. Coronet, roughly comparable to how the continent that Kanto and Johto make up is essentially a contiguous region.

The climate of Unova, unlike other regions, solely depends on the time of the year. Unova is susceptible to national seasonal change. Spring, summer, autumn and winter each last approximately thirty days, and recur three times each within a year. Each season brings with it different weather patterns, unlocks different events, and presents altered Pokémon availabilities.

Driftveil City - A port town distributing many goods, and a gateway to the Unova region.
  • Pokemon World Tournament - Trainers who are proud of their skills compete in tournaments.

The geography of Kalos varies greatly within the region. The region is naturally bordered by a vast ocean to the west and northwest, and the eastern and southern borders are formed by mountain ranges. These borders give Kalos its signature star-like shape, as a large peninsula reaches out to the sea in the northwest, creating one point, and elsewhere the coastline, mountain ranges and rivers create the remaining four points. Kalos is made up of three distinct divisions, all with their own unique characteristics in both geography and Pokémon; Central Kalos, Coastal Kalos and Mountain Kalos. Lumiose City is located near the point where all three areas meet.


Check here to see what’s currently happening in the RP.
The Pokemon World Tournament is holding a Rookie Cup, & registration is currently open. Meet with the attendant inside in order to register.

  • You may not have a Key Stone, nor a Mega Stone, on your first post. You may get them later on in your journey.
  • Depending how active everyone is, there will be new events happening throughout the regions at least once a week. If things are a bit slow, the time will be extended for 2 weeks, so be sure to stay active.
  • As this RP moves forward, more areas will become explorable. Special areas will also open up temporarily, so be sure to stay updated.
  • If the RP has already finished its first event, ignore this note. Otherwise, read on. Our first event will be in Driftveil City, in Unova, where a Pokemon World Tournament will let you participate against the other RPers here, if you choose to enter.
  • For easy access to your SU, come to this first post & click on your character to keep your team updated as the RP progresses.

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