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I am looking for a place to host a roleplay that I've been wanting to revive for a while. I remember the RP community here being particularly notable, so I decided to return to see if people would be interested in my idea:

The basic premise is that there is a region in which Pokemon and Pokemon training are illegal due to a religion that rules the entire thing. Pokemon are considered unholy beasts and have basically been eradicated from the entire region. ...As far as the public knows, anyway.

For you see, anyone who breaks one of the sacred laws of the regions is punished in a special way. They are transformed into a Pokemon slave who works underground, unbeknownst to the public. This is the backbone of the region and what keeps it running.

Our group will be escaping from this facility, with the goals of transforming back into their human selves and taking down this corrupt system.

Some things to note:

- You are only allowed to play as a human transformed into a Pokemon. You can be any Pokemon, any stage, that isn't a Legendary.

- True wild Pokemon don't exist. Any Pokemon outside of the facilities are either former humans who escaped or their descendants.

- This region is sealed off from all other regions. So nobody from another region can enter unless they have special permission.

Please tell me if you're interested, as I will not create the roleplay unless I deem there to be sufficient interest. Questions are also welcome. I have a fair amount of lore information all prepared.