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Originally Posted by shadowpikachu0426 View Post
Ahhh! I haven't been able to look at this thread in forever, sorry. (I've been stuck, honestly, on a really good Pokémon fic) Anyway, in reply to Rozu, I honestly suck at love stuff, being a boy, so sorry about that, but great idea with Pokemon allergy!

And I only joined waay back then because I had wanted to start playing with the ROM Hacks, then I forgot I had this, and now that I'm back into Pokémon, I've been coming back on here more often.

Happy New Years! (Belated?)
I'm really sorry, ShadowPikachu, but this thread's been left unreplied for over a month before you posted here again, so I'm afraid it counts as reviving a dead thread (from our current rules). u_u Still, like pikakitten said, I know how hard it is to be active, too! Especially with the holiday season that just passed. If you'd like, you can make a whole new thread reintroducing yourself to the community, since you've been gone for quite a while (given that December 6 was your last post before your recent activity). That's pretty much a month, so making a new thread will count as a returning user's reintro, even though you already made a new user's intro. ^^;

Everyone else who welcomed ShadowPikachu, thank you. And I also want to personally welcome you (back) to our wonderful little forum, ShadowPikachu. <3 But I have to close this. If you have further queries, don't be afraid to contact me or Cirno! n_n