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Originally Posted by DavidtheDeadPhilosopher View Post
That's a very good point! I really think that Rose has already been done enough as a character, she's had her twist, and her ending. You bring her back into the 50th ungracefully, we'll be dealing with another retcon. I would of much rather have seen Donna, someone that we can't see really see again considering how she was written out of the show. I suppose that holds true to Rose as well, but it's much easier to say "oh we acually can get back into that mirror-verse" or "Rose and Handy managed to make it out of the verse" then "Oh, Donna, right well, timy wimy remembery doctor." That being said, it's totally viable that Current Martha nad Current Jack can make an apperence...
Well, anything can kind of be retconned by just saying it's part of the original adventure (of Docter [#] and [companion]" that simply wasn't shown on TV. The only problem with it when it concerns Rose is she did have a tendency to get jealous. :/ She got jealous of a FORMER companion... so you just know that if she saw a future companion--one that's, in essence, her replacement--she'd probably flip. I don't think she'd be very fun to reminisce with if she had a plot like that and if she didn't have a plot like that, I don't know if I'd find it as believable. Rose has always come off as selfish (and very human, because of it) so I worry what the dynamic of the episode will be simply because she's the companion there... whether it's "during" her original run with the Doctor or she shows up with Donna!Doctor from that alternate dimension. :s

If the companion were Martha or Donna instead, I don't think we'd have anything to worry about because I think they'd take it really well that the Doctor had a new companion. They were both a bit more level-headed about that sort of thing, I think. So I do kinda wish it was anyone but Rose, the more I think about it. :(

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