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Jessie Jamison - "Abraxas"

25 // Female // Theme

Appearance/Attire: Reference "Super Costume"
Standing at around 5 feet and 6 inches Jessie is at a rather average height. She looks deceptively thin as she has loads of lean muscle packed on from having participated in gymnastics and martial arts. Her skin is lightly tanned and rather unblemished. She usually puts on a little bit of make up, mostly just some eye liner. She usually keeps her light brown hair down, but when the fight is getting too rough she ties it back in a pony tail. She also does have a machine covering her lower arm and hand, looking like some sort of metal glove.

As for her apparel Jess is all about the trench coats. She believes that the article of clothing just oozes the word detective and that all great ones wear them. Her "street-wear" usually just consists of a regular button down shirt or long sleeved pull over and some jeans all under an always amazing khaki trench coat. Her "super-costume" is a more formal version of her street wear. A white button down under a black vest and black dress pants all under an even more amazing black trench coat (filled to the brim with her gadgets and devices).

"Don't take what she says to heart" is the best piece of advice that can be given to anyone that's interacting with Jessie. Teasing and flirting with others have been her favorite things to do since she was a child. Well that is besides solving mysteries. But even the mysteries she approaches with playfulness. Jessie basically just lives life and enjoys herself to the fullest even if it's at the cost of others, she's gonna have her fun. However, this also leads to her being perceived as mean spirited or a "b*tch" which she wouldn't necessarily deny as her ideals and the way she carries them out often come into the conflict of others. Her agreement to help fight crime in Hyperia wasn't necessarily to assist the citizens, but more rather to try and solve what happened to the already existing heroes of Hyperia.


Portals: The machine that has attached itself onto Jessie's left arm gives her the ability to shoot out two linked portals. Anyone or anything which passes through one portal will emerge from the other and vice versa instantaneously. The portals can be placed on any surface which is solid and large enough to accommodate them. They shoot out from the palm of her hand when she presses the corresponding trigger for them. One is red and the other is blue, presumably to make the difference in each instantly recognizable.

The portals themselves are about seven feet in height and five feet in length and virtually harmless. The machine may not be designed to be a weapon, but can be used so as if something is caught in between both portals they detach from the whole. Basically if one's arm was going through a portal and Jessie moved one of the portals the arm would be cut off from the person's body.

Skills to pay the bills: While she does have the ability to create portals Jessie is only human, thus without the machine she wouldn't have any supernatural abilities. However, growing up she's picked up quite a number skills. Over the years she has acquired a black belt in both jiu jitsu and tae kwon do, been a part of a junior olympics gymnastics team, and even helped take the robotics team of her highschool to a state championship. Most important of all are her skills as a detective. Being able to sniff things out has been a part of her blood since the day she was born. She also has a number of gadgets that she herself has created (or stolen) that she uses such as a grappling gun and smoke bombs. All of these abilities come together to make Jessie batman not quite human nor superhuman, but something in between.

-an incredible detective that is able to figure things out on a dime
-agile and a capable hand to hand fighter
-strong spirit and doesn't allow much to bring her down
-good aim with the portal device

-only human
-no true offensive powers
-inherently selfish

Origin Story:
There were no dramatic deaths or destroyed planets that were a part of Jessie's life. She had a rather ordinary upbringing, living in a rather ordinary town that her father was the rather ordinary police deputy of. From an early age the young girl was enamored with mysteries, perhaps this was partially because of the fact that she was the daughter of the deputy, but no matter the reason she was fascinated with them. She would read mystery novels meant for kids years older than she was and able to solve them before the protagonists could.

As she grew older, Jessie picked up many hobbies that she was skilled in. Martial arts, gymnastics, music, robotics, you name it and it was a part of her childhood. Some of these she continued on with and they would later prove helpful in her crimefighting days. Throughout high school everything seemed to be perfect for the girl, she was beautiful, smart, and talented. Sure her tendencies got her into some minor trouble with boys, and more with her father, but it was all fun for her.

After finishing high school, she followed her continuing fascination with mysteries and solving them when deciding to travel to Hyperia University to study Criminal Justice. Her father was thrilled and believed Jessie to be following in his footsteps into joining the police force and putting her "scooby-doo" skills to good use. After three short years (AP classes are great) she graduated with a bachelor's degree in criminal justice. However, much to her father's disdain Jessie had no interest in joining the police force. Her desire didn't rest in filling out reports or helping those in need, but in the thrill and enjoyment of solving a mystery, thus she opened up "Jamison Private Investigations" in Hyperia.

The business started out slow, but quickly picked up speed once her reputation got around. She was getting requests from tracking down a spouse to see if they were being unfaithful to finding out if a company should be slammed with tax fraud. However, one fateful day a very interesting request came to her offices. A rival company wanted to find out what "Apt. Science" had been up to and how close they had been coming along on their newest inventions. It wasn't a terribly exciting job, except for the fact that Apt. Science was one of the leading research corporations at the time and Jessie didn't plan on just asking people for information.

After carefully planning it out, she broke into Apt. Science's main lab facility, taking notes and plans as she went through. The private detective saw a number of strange machines and contraptions as she went through, but one caught her eye more so than the others. It was a cylindrical tube labeled "Portal Project 2.1" and laying on a table unattended. It seemed like it was the perfect thing to bring back to her client, so she grabbed it and as she picked it up it attached itself around her arm, forming into the shape of her hand like a metallic glove. In a panicked attempt to get it off Jessie pushed a number of the buttons that lined her arm's side, and to her wonder and surprise a red portal and then a blue one shot out onto the wall.

It took some getting used to and definitely was uncomfortable for her, but Jessie eventually accepted the device attached to her left arm and used it to aid her on her investigations. She continued on with this until one day she received a surprising text from one of the heroes of Hyperia.

Almost as soon as her stint with the New Champions started, the group was disbanded. Due to various connections and her intuition, Jessie knew about Animatus' rise to power, but since it didn't necessarily hinder her way of life, she didn't give it much heed. However, what did have her attention was that Binary had vanished, just as all the other Champions had. She spent the next three years trying to make sense of the where the how and the why of their disappearance... only to come up with nothing.

She eventually caught wind of the Resistance, and joined, believing that she might be able to find some information on the Champions disappearance.

Other: She smokes... a lot. Her favorites are Marlboro 27's

RP Sample:
Lighting up another cigarette, Jessie kicked her feet up onto her very unkempt desk. Papers and files were piled on top of one another, while even more littered the floor of her office. Business at Jamison Private Investigations, was the same as usual. A missing pets case, a potentially cheating boyfriend. It was all the same boring garbage to her.

Drawing in heavily, she gave a forlorn sigh. Three years. Three years she had devoted to uncovering the mystery behind the Champions' disappearance, and she still had nothing. It was the bane of her existence. On one hand, it was the most fun she'd ever had in trying to crack a case, but in the other she had no leads other than perhaps Animatus' involvement. For the self proclaimed "master detective" it was truly a frustrating ordeal.

The only reason she was keeping up with any of her other cases, was to bring in enough money to support herself. She had a good bit saved up, and after a couple more cases she'd have enough to go without working on anything public for an entire year. The thought alone brought about a giddy smile to her face.

Jessie shuffled through the sea of papers sitting upon her desk, before pulling out a manila envelope, labeled "Erwin: Boyfriend". Pulling out the files within it, she reviewed the information that was needed for the case: addresses, cars, identification. The most important information for her, however, was the one thousand, two hundred dollar reward for the case. Something she'd learned over the years as an investigator for hire was that scorned middle aged women, always paid best.

After memorizing all that was necessary, she tossed aside the folder and got up from her chair. The old analog clock hanging upon the wall opposite of her, read 5:25, almost time for Ms. Erwin's boyfriend to be getting off of work.

Flipping on her favorite khaki trenchcoat, Jessie opened up the window to her office. And after two quick bursts from her arm was out on the streets, headed to the Financial District with a grin upon her face.

"That sh*t never gets old."

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