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Chapter Eight

Ready? Brenda asked Ren, and then pointed her finger to the distance. Striaton City waits for us.

They took a couple of steps forward into Route 2, when a voice called for them.

She looked behind her, and she saw Cheren running through the gates.

I thought youd already left for Striaton City, she said with surprise. You surely spent a long time in the Pokemon Center.

I happened to meet a professional in berries. We talked, and at the end he gave me a variety of them.

Then, Cheren reached for his backpack, and produced a few.

Sitrus, pecha and cheri. Sitrus heals 25% of your pokemons HP when it cuts halfway. Pecha cures poisoning and cheri heals paralysis. The neatest thing about berries is that you can have your pokemon hold them, and theyll know when to use them.

Then Cheren offered them to Brenda.

You know, you can plant them to obtain more as well - just remember where you planted them.

Thanks Cheren, and the berries connoisseur was very kind in giving them to you.

Yeah. He was actually in Accumula to learn about berries that only grow in this part of Unova. Ive read a book written by him, actually.

Brenda giggled.

What book have you not read, Cheren?

I read all that our library had, but thats a tiny amount compared to how many there are in all of Unova. I still have much to learn.

Well, Im more of a hands-on learner. I just had my first battle against a trainer, and I surely learnt from it, though I did win, Brenda winked. If you hadnt been busy talking to the berries guy, youd have seen how cool Ren and I looked.

Im sure of it. I bet it was full of posing and dramatic effects, Cheren smiled.

It cant be Brendas pokemon battle, without excitement and dramatic effects, can it? Brenda laughed, and manually (for Ren did not raise his hand on his own volition) high-fived Ren.

Cheren and Brenda started walking toward Striaton City.

The guy I battled though, Brenda commented, remembering her first battle. He was a good battler but rather an oddball.

You calling someone an oddball? replied Cheren, as he checked his town map.

In all honesty, he surpassed my average oddball-ness, she pressed her index finger on her cheek. You see, he could communicate with pokemon.

Cheren raised an eyebrow.

As in speak to them?

Yup. He could understand them, and they could understand him, as she said this, Brendas breathing became irregular, and her eyes brightened. Isnt that the most awesome thing youve ever heard?

Cheren looked at her face, which was full of excitement, and also down at Ren, who shook his head with an expression close to fear.

I dont know, he said, scratching his head. That sounds more freaky than awesome.

Brenda slapped her whole face with an exaggerated gesture.

What to do with kids today, she said, with her hand still plastered on her face. They dont know how to admire true genius.

Well, as far as I know, humans are taught to fear those who have abilities that surpass normality.

I dont fear abnormality. I only fear scary things, and this guy wasnt scary.

Then, Brenda paused for a second, and thought.

Actually, the only thing that was scary about him was his appearance, she added.

How so?

He had this slender figure, and gorgeous green hair that nearly reached his butt, Brenda recalled.

He was handsome, is that what youre trying to say? Cheren asked, embarrassed at Brendas choice of language, and perhaps also feeling a little grumpy.

Nope, Brenda denied immediately, looking directly into Cherens eyes. I wouldnt call that handsome, though other people may think so. I dont know. I thought he was, yeah, beautiful.

Cherens tight expression softened around his eyes, and then he laughed.

Poor guy, he said.

What? You dont know either. I didnt ask him if hed be sad if someone described him as beautiful. Personally, I think its a compliment.

Is that so? Do you also think Im beautiful, by any chance? Cheren asked, but he regretted the question just as he had made it.

Brenda batted her eyes, but she was clearly oblivious to his inner thoughts.

No, youre handsome, she smiled. The lone fact that youre my best friend makes you ten times handsomer than any other guy.

Cheren smiled, as he watched the side of her face from a few steps in behind her.

What to do about this narcissist, he wondered, but he couldnt counter the fact that her words had poured something warm inside his heart.

Indeed, even when the sky started pouring, it was not successful in cooling it down.

Cheren, hurry! Itll be pouring in a minute, Im sure, Brenda called him, as she picked up Ren. Ren, get back into your pokeball. I dont want you to catch a cold.

Ren, as stubborn as usual, hit the pokeball with his paw. The ball fell to the ground, which fortunately hadnt become muddy quite yet.

Brenda did not insist, but instead took out a towel from her bag, and placed over him.

As she had predicted, the rain intensified in a matter of minutes.

The other trainers, who had positioned themselves to challenge passersby to battle, had also begun to run. Some towards Striaton, and others toward Accumula.

It seemed as though no one was yet practiced enough to hold battles in rainy weather.

The two young trainers ran, their sneakers turning muddy and soaked.

Brenda, youll catch a cold, Cheren said, as he ran next to her. We should wait for the rain to calm down under a tree or something.

Im fine, she replied, as she wiped the accumulated water from her eyes. Were close to the City. There we can take refuge in the Pokemon Center.

Stubborn as always, Cheren sighed, and placed the towel he had been using over her head.

No, Im fine I tell you, she said, and tried to return the towel, but Cheren had increased his running speed. Wait, thats unfair! Im carrying the weight of a pokemon!

Cheren did not reply, but waved his hand in the air.

That guy, Brenda murmured, then looked down in her arms to check on Ren. Are you feeling cold? Hang on, were getting close to the Pokemon Center.

Ren did not say anything either, but his eyes were not hostile.

When Brenda arrived to Striaton Citys Pokemon Center, Cheren was waiting for her at the entrance.

She pushed his towel onto his chest, and pouted.

You couldve waited inside, she pointed out. Dont blame me if you catch a cold. You were the one who forced me to use your towel.

A little cold wouldnt do anything to me, anyways, he shrugged.

Colds make your head all fuzzy. You dont want a cold when youre facing a gym leader soon. Besides, Ive got immunity to colds, while you dont.

Cheren raised an eyebrow.

How so?

They say that idiots dont catch colds, and youve always been - unfortunately - the smartest student in Nuvema Pokeschool.

Cheren laughed.

Dont believe in superstitions, and get inside. Even if you say youve got immunity, I think Ive seen you sick more times than Ive been myself.

They walked together, and the doors automatically slid open.

There were a lot more people in the Pokemon Center, than they had been accustomed to.

Hopefully there are still rooms available to pass the night, Cheren told Brenda.

As they passed some people buying medicine, they spotted a familiar face.

Bianca, Brenda called. Did the rain also catch you by surprise?

Bianca squeezed herself through some people, and took both hands of her friend.

Im glad to see you, she said with her bubbly smile. Yes. My hat got soaked.

Then she realized Cheren was behind Brenda, and made a face.

Not fair. You said you werent going to travel with us, and yet youre here with Cheren, she complained. If you didnt want me in the group, you couldve just said so.

Brenda batted her eyes.

What are you saying? That is not it at all. I happened to run into him as I was leaving Accumula Town, that is all.

Bianca smiled, and said that she knew.

People usually tease me for being oblivious to sarcasm, Bianca giggled. But you are worse than me, dear Brenda.

Brenda knitted her eyebrows.

When did you become so sly, she protested, and proceeded to tickle Bianca.

Stop that, Bianca said, running away.

Its punishment for making a fool out of me, missy!

Brenda chased Bianca, who ran in circles, and used Cheren as a shield.

Stop the childish games, both of you, Cheren said, as he struggled to keep his eyeglasses in their proper position.

Were still children, so we must play childish games, Brenda laughed.

She then tickled Ren, who had been standing and looking at them as the uninvolved third party.

As was his disposition, he felt obliged to take revenge and join the childish game.

The laughter and tickling did not stop, until they were scolded by three people almost simultaneously.

The rain continued until the next crack of dawn.