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    What is Pokémon Brown?

    Pokemon Brown is a rom Hack of Pokémon Red made by CoolBoyMan, with a brand new region and with 5 addition new types as well as the inclusion of the Dark and steel types in Gen 1 it also includes a fair few gen two and gen four Pokémon as well.

    Overall it is a pretty enjoyable game and doesn't really feel like a simple edit of Pokemno Red but more of a new game in it's own right and if you havn't already you can check it out here:

    Pokémon Nuzlocke?

    The basic idea of the Nuzlocke is if a Pokémon faints it effectively "dies" and will be released when possible.

    The rules I play by are:

    - If a Pokemon faints it is released.
    - Can only catch the first Pokemon per route/cave/town etc. If it is failed to be obtained no other Pokemon from that location can be caught.
    - No catching legendaries.
    - All Pokemon will be nicknamed, to give a better relationship with the Pokemon rather it being known as "Squirtle".
    - If I can't get any further from say no Pokemon on my team learn the Cut HM it's game over.
    - If my whole team faints, it is game over. Even if I still have other Pokémon in my PC.

    Why Am I doing this?

    a friend of mine did a nuzlocke of Pokémon Red and it got me into doing a Gen 1 game, but it wouldn't be as fun if I just did any of the other Gen 1 games, so I thought why not Brown? I watched a walkthrough a few years back of it and wanted to properly play it but seeing as it was that long ago I barely remember anything from it so it will pretty much be a blind run and adding nuzlocke into the mix will make it more of a challenge.

    I am uploading each part when I can, I currently have 26 parts uploaded, so I hope you enjoy (:

    Also just a note, participially on the earlier parts, my knowledge of Pokemon Brown was pretty bad so I do say some incorrect and silly things in them, even though I still do that for things unrelated to brown anyway.

    Parts 1 - 10
    Part 1
    The start of the game, nothing major happens here, get our starter and get introduced to our rival and what not.

    Part 2
    Continue to work our way out of Merson Cave and fight a very tough trainer with a very dangerous Pokémon...

    Part 3
    Progress is made, we actually get further through Merson cave!

    Part 4
    I may of done it in previous parts but in this part I noticed I did it a lot and that was called leech life, leech seed. How I didn't notice I was saying that I don't know, nonetheless we look around some more and battle a few more trainers.

    Part 5
    I cough a few times in this which is kinda loud, especially if you are using earphones, so sorry about that. But in this part we battle the all powerful Karpman!

    Part 6
    I make the error of saying Dark types aren't in the game when they are at some point in this video when they are but I think I correct myself in the next video anyway. I also get a very unexpected challenge near the end of the video.

    Part 7
    I look around the Mart for a fair bit which doesn't really show much, all that happens is I get a free Coutner TM and buy a Keg of beer so may as well skip to around 5:20 unless you enjoy me rambling on for 5 mins while window shopping.

    Part 8
    We battle the bridgeless nugget bridge, when it isn't even the nugget bridge but the nugget crew and get some more battles done and try and progress.

    Part 9
    We get round to battling the second gym when I make one fatal mistake...

    Part 10
    After beating the second Gym we continue on with our adventure to Silk Cave and battle the many trainers waiting outside of the cave.

    Parts 11 - 20

    Part 11
    In this part we venture through some of Silk cave and fight some very tought Pokémon including a Geodude, Butterfree and Raticate (sounds less tough now I said the Pokemon)...

    Part 12
    The original audio had the music too loud and my narration too quiet so I had to redo the narration.

    Nonetheless we make it out of Silk cave and explore a new town which has a lovely new gym.

    Part 13
    Similar to the last part I had to redo the narration but nonetheless this part we start our fight with Lois as well as making it to a new town!

    Part 14
    In this part we just battle trainers pretty much as well as the evilist of all clefairys...

    Part 15
    Nothing major in this part, some more exploration and trainer battles!

    Part 16
    More battling in the warehouse and who is that in the final room?

    Part 17
    We explore some of the haunted forest and find some odd Pokémon ):

    Part 18
    Continuing through the Haunted forest while I mumble lots and get lost and confused

    Part 19
    We venture to Castro Valley which has quite a few places to check out, we also come across a few friends to join our team of merry Pokémon.

    Part 20
    We look through this massive mansion some more and get confused with buttons!

    Parts 21 -30

    Part 21
    In this part we explore the Forest in Castro Valley as well as meet some new Pokémon.

    Part 22
    We look a bit further into the route we were in last time and challenge the Castro Valley Gym, with some heart breaking events that occur...

    Part 23
    Finish with the fighting Gym then I begin getting lost and confused...

    Part 24
    Attempt to finish the gym, get a pretty little flute and wake up a sleeping giant.

    Part 25
    We give Snorlax a darling name and explore some further while I do a fail forgetting to try and attempt to capture the first Pokémon I find in an area...

    Part 26
    We look around the power plant more with lots of explosions and find our first legendary with the most anti climatic battle of all, as well as go on a nice little bike ride.

    Part 27
    No Part 27, see Part 28 for details, it covers what happens anyway.

    Part 28
    Currently there is no part 27 due to the file corrupting but here is 28. We go through Illex forest and enter Azelea town!

    Part 29
    We challenge the Psychic Gym again seeing as we can surf and explore some more other surf areas!

    Part 30
    We continue on with the adventure, reach dead ends and finally find where to go!

    Parts 31 - 40

    Part 31
    In this part we battle Joe the Ratica-.. I mean the Gym leader.

    Part 32
    We continue on surfing until we reach the new town and do uninteresting stuff for ages!

    Part 33
    We look a little in a secret cave as well as get a very useful HM and item!

    Part 34
    In this part we find a very legendary Pokémon and get our way to the final Gym.

    Part 35
    In this part we challenge the Gym as well as find the Red Power Ranger! Or Pallet patrol, same thing really...

    Part 36
    We make it pretty swiftly to the Pokémon league, due to the lack of a victory road. We challenge the league in some epic battles, but will everyone make it? will anyone make? Or will be swiftly make it through without a scratch?

    Part 37
    We do some side stuff before going to the final dungeon which allows us to meet a very Legendary Pokémon...

    Part 38
    We continue on looking around before the final dungeon and come across an other legendary Pokémon as well as the loss of a dear friend! ):

    Part 39
    We now begin the massive journey which is the FINAL DUNGEON!

    Part 40
    We continue on through the final dungeon while finding many weird bird fanatics...

    Parts 41-45

    Part 41
    We continue through the final dungeon and suffer massive losses...

    Part 42
    We continue through the final dungeon and get lost and confused!

    Part 43
    We make more progress through the final dungeon, find some stuff and a weird maze area as well as an old couple living in a cave, whatever next?

    Part 44
    We near the end of our journey however at a cost.

    Part 45
    We finish off with this final part with a final team.


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