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This looks interesting, I like the duality of it. A chance to be good, following in the footsteps of heroes, or to be bad, and carve out a piece of the world for yourself.

I find people more likely to join if they see an SU, so here's mine!

Name: Blake Keegan
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Appearance: Blake isn't very tall at a mere 5' 1", and he may be thin but he's sturdy. His spiky black hair is kept short, and his light brown eyes can appear orange or even red in certain light. Combined with his sharp chin and hawkish nose, he has a very sharp, angular look. He tends to dress rather casually as a result, as if to soften his aggressive appearance.


Personality: Analytical and just a bit of a trickster, Blake prefers to come at problems from the side, as a head on approach never appealed to him. He's out to prove himself to the world, to get what he feels he deserves. Unfortunately, he tends to overestimate his skills, but his passion and ingenuity tend to carry him through most situations.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Strengths: Keen mind, able to easily recall information and come up with a plan. Determination, as once he sets his mind on something, he absolutely refuses to quit. Flexible, willing to improvise and adapt on the fly.

Weaknesses: Short temper, leading him to make mistakes and forgo plans to follow his emotions. Impulsive, so he tends to act first and based on his whims. Selfish, tending to put himself and what he wants above others.

History: Born and raised in Canalave City, Blake has always been interested in mythology and folklore. His father was a sailor, and often brought back stories and trinkets from his travels to exotic locations. He never made many friends, and those he did make didn't tend to stick around very long, so he gained a reputation as a loner and an outsider, that "weird kid" with bizarre interests whom no one wanted to hang out with. So he spent more and more time in the library, reading and studying not just because he liked to, but to improve his skills and go out to make a name for himself.

Starter Pokemon Information:
Species: Litten
Nickname: Auburn
Gender: Male
Moveset: Scratch, Ember, Growl, Lick, Power Trip
Ability: Blaze