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Posted September 27th, 2019
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To make us suspect she was a Skywalker in Episode 7, to later reveal that she was just a nobody in Episode 8, and then twist it so she's actually a Skywalker after all in Episode 9 would be really mukty writing.
Episodes 7 and 8 weren't written to follow the same story path and it seems like 9 is supposed to fix that, which yeah is pretty bad writing. I will say I'm rather annoyed if Palpatine is back because that alone has problems and I hate to say that for once I'm not really excited by the trailer.

Like, it has some nice little action shots, but from what I've really invested in this new trilogy and honestly the result I got, I'm finding it hard to honestly go for it. Like, I'll probably give it a chance, but my hopes aren't that high.

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