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“Everyone is here?”

The man in the middle of the round table spoke heavily in an unknown space, in an unknown time, without a single light coming in. Around him came a hologram of local champions from each chair. In Unova Religon Alder Speak.

“What's the point of calling us here?"

Next of Alder, Cynthia said urgently.

"My team had an accident while excavating the remains...I can't get to the scene because of an emergency call. Come on, tell me what you want!"

Soon all the champions began to speak for themselves, and the man said a word that would keep them all quiet.

"I'm going to pick a new Pokemon Master. I've got that candidate in front of me, and only with your consent can we create a new Pokemon Master."

"Who's the candidate?" say Steven Stone in Hoenn Religon champion.

“From Kanto Religon Pallet Town, name is Ash Ketchum.” the man say.

When the name came out, all the champions began to chatter. but he didn't know if he would be chosen as a candidate for Pokemon Master. Steven Stone in Hoenn Religon Champion.said cautiously.

"It's not a bad choice, but it's too early, is it? I don't think it's time to give up the Pokemon Master position."

Kanto/Johto Champion Lance say reiterate in a slightly rousing voice.

"I've met the kid, but still young, and there's a slump in the results of all the regular leagues that have gone so far…

The man retorted with sharp words.

"I don't mind that. Since the story is not over yet, can you listen?"

Lance closed his mouth, the man continued.

"Every step of this child's life is very interesting. There are many trainers who can't pick eight badges in a one Religon. but he won six religon, and the battle with self-supporting Pokemon from the wild was quite remarkable. Don't you all know that, too?"

All the champions nodded. But Lance spoke again whether he would budge his argument.

"If that's just what you mean, we'd better pick our champions, so why did you choose a Ash?“

The man replied with a smile on his face.

"It's a mind-set. He's been dreaming of being a 'Pokemon Master' for a long time, and he's been practicing it, because he thinks he can't catch it, but he's trying to make that dream work is very compatible with his mind-set as a Pokemon Master."

Alder, who listened quietly, opened his mouth heavily.

"I see, but I think Ash is still a long way off. We'll discuss it among our champions and come to the conclusion."

The man spoke again in a heavy voice to see if he had anything important to say.

"Okay, but there's a more important problem. It's a very important announcement."

The man lowered his voice to the attention of the champions. He coughed once and carried on.

"MissingNo has been detected. Fortunately, we've been confirmed to be living without major accidents so far."

The champions began to roar again at the word Missingno. Missingno is a Pokemon that exists in Hidden history and is said to be destroyed as soon as it is seen. in a situation where the atmosphere has become quite serious. Lance opened his mouth in this serious situation.

"Where is it? Please let me know right away! This is really serious problem!"

"Misingno is in Kanto Religon." the man say directly

Lance began to look seriously stiff. Not only the Lance, but even the man who said it, could see his face hardened. Lance asked in a slightly hoarse voice.

“uh ... how to ... Clear it? "

" ... frankly I'm not sure how. What we can do it, we can't take the large volume of MissingNo. only way to manage and watch. " the man say

"Only that's the only way?! Everyone's lives are at stake right now the problem. MissingNo. for the new measures on sufficient enough taking such a noise, You talk it so happily ... " Lance say spoke in a quivering yet worrying voice.

The man hesitated quite a bit as he calmed down the angry champions and then went on.

"... I think there's a way to get rid of it.... According to Hidden history, if he or she become a trainer of MissingNo, you can use your trainer to make it disappear."

“Then why are you hesitating to tell me the way before?” say Lance.

"First of all, we need to consume humans, and we don't find it, and... If he or she fail and survive... " Say the man.

The champions became as silent as a honeyed mute. In other words, to get rid of MissingNo, the secrets that the world has hidden are released to everyone, while others find themselves living in a time bomb that they don't know when to die. However, they were hesitant to go out and could not bring up their words. The man said again.

"Think carefully about the candidate's meaning. So let's wrap it up with this."

The holograms disappeared from the round table, and the alone man dressed in a chair behind him and went out. It looks like you're going to do something big.

Meanwhile, where is Ash, who doesn't even know he's a candidate? Ash, who lost the final game of the Kalos League, decides to leave the province for a new adventure again. Ash is currently at Lumiose City Airport, and Serena will part with Ash to leave for Hoenn Religon for her dream. Serena told Ash in front of an escalator heading to the boarding area of the plane.

I'm so glad I went on a trip. You're my target.... Next time we meet, I'll be a more attractive woman, so look forward to it!”

"Yes! I look forward to it!"

The answer came a simple thing like Ash, Serena looked lonely and went down a slow-down escalator, and she determined to do something, and said.



Serena went up against the escalator going down, and stood before Ash and kissed her lips. And with a contented look, her spoke shyly as her went down with an escalator slowly descending.

"Thank you!"

Ash smiled with Clemont and Bonnie gave a reply to Serena.

"Good-bye, Serena.“

A few hours later, it was time for Ash to leave for Kanto. Escalators and Clemont in front of the boarding gate of the plane bound for Kanto. He wearing glasses as they look bitter and uncomfortable.

"Thanks very much for your trip so far." say the Clemont

"Thank you, too! What are you going to do with the Clemont?" say Ash.

"I think I need to learn more. I felt a lot of lack of study during the trip. I will study hard for humans and Pokemon to lead a better life under science." say Clemont

Then Bonnie is trying to make a gap between Clemont and Ash from behind.

"Wait a minute. Bonnie, please!" say Bonnie.

"So what are you going to do with Bonnie?” say Ash.

Bonnie mumbled, trying to pick what she wanted to say.

"Yes! Bonnie will succeed my brother as the gym leader! Ash please watch it! And for Pokemon Master d'encouragement! Say the Bonnie.

Ash smiles happily and uses Bonnie's head.

"Yes, I'll be looking forward to it!"

Ash left Kalos a plane bound for Kanto, receiving the two guy's farewells. Soon after, Team Rockets came out looking for Ash and his party. They arrived late because it took the wrong wind current while riding a hot air balloon. It couldn't help but look at Ash’s plane in the sky near Lumiose City Airport. James said grumblingly.

"Chuck, We're a step late..."

"It really lost him because of you, James. What are you going to do with this?” say Jessie irritably.

"What is it, Jessie, you misdirected me, and late!” James said irritably.

"Both of you, calm down meow! We got a call from headquarters!" Meowth said irritably.

He took an object similar to a laptop from my backpack and turned it on. Soon the Giovanni appeared on the screen, and Team Rocket all knelt down. Giovanni gave orders in a firm tone.

"Yes, you've had a lot of trouble so far. I'm a little sad that we don't have a big performance in Kalos, but I hope you do well in the next region! I'll look forward to it!"

"Yes, sir!" say Team Rocket.

The screen is turned off and Jessie closes laptop. And everyone sat comfortably and James muttered a great resolution.

"But I can't walk away without results like this way! Let's make up for what we didn't do properly in Kalos!"

"How?" say Jessie.

"Let's go to Pallet Town where Dr. Oak is! We're stealing Pokemon there!" say the James.

Meowth sighed and Jessie also shook her head, but no good idea came up in their heads. Team Rocket, which implicitly agreed to James's opinion, they grew the fire of the hot air balloon hard and began to fly away.

Ash crossed the rough sky and arrived in his missed hometown of Pallet Town. Changed by the warm morning sun, but unchanging, Pallet Town was as quiet and clean as ever in the quiet countryside. Soon, a Mr. mime sweeping the house yard threw out a broom and welcomed Ash's return. he happily responded to the welcome of the Mr. mime, who greeted me warmly, and entered the house.

"Mom I’m back!"

Then The mother's face, indisputable and desolate, began to perk up her son's long return.

"Hey, Ash! You're back! ...... not when you're doing this...... Ash, if you have clothes and laundry, give it to your mom. And I'll do what Ash likes today, so you can wash it first."

Ash gave his all the clothes and laundry and went to the bathroom in his underwear. My mother's eyes, who was organizing the laundry, went to a handkerchief that was sticking out of his pocket. Mom smiled cheerfully and took the handkerchief, asked the Mr. mime to do the laundry, and hurried to shop.

Over time, a hearty meal was served. Pikachu sat on the table, eating a meal that his mother making, he was not breathing for eating food, He looked at his son with satisfaction and suddenly threw out his handkerchief and say.

"Ash, you lied to your mom. You said you'd lost it.”

"Oh, that? I actually had a friend named Serena, who I didn't know at the time, so I'm sorry to tell her." say Ash.

"You mean the pretty girl I met on the phone last time, can you tell me about her?”
say the mother.

Thinking for a moment, Ash began to talk.

"Well... Serena was a friend of Dr. Oak's camp when we were kids, and when we first met, she cried while she was hurt, so I helped her with this handkerchief a little. On the last day of the camp, Serena said she'd be able to meet again and broke up with her thanks. I forgot about it for years, and then I met him again in Kalos and got it back, and it turned out that he started the trip because of me. I didn't have a dream at first, but she is a pretty cool kid who grew up to be a Pokemon performer who targets Kalos Queen. If I get a chance, I'll introduce her to you."

While Ash is talking, Ash's mother seems to have fallen in interesting with Serena. When the story was over, poking his face at Ash, who started eating again.

"But Ash, what do you think love is?”


Ash suddenly got into trouble. Ash began to ponder as she say. After much thought, he said his answer.

"The mind that understanding of Pokemon!"

Ash's answer left her blank for a while to understand her words. she straightened her mind at once and said again.

"I think Serena likes you, if you were you! I'm going to take her away!"

Ash replied by munching on his food.

"What? Why I’m take Serena? She's not Pokemon, is she?”

When the mother laughed at Ash's innocent and absurd answer, Ash began to laugh for no reason. Pikachu looked at Ash for a moment, which was ridiculous. But no one would have predicted that his future would change beyond imagination until Gary came to Ash's house...