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Posted September 2nd, 2019
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Hey! It's me again, coming with some errors i found and some thing you can change to make the game better (I Don't know if these errors appear in the other roms):
-There's a Bug in the evolution of Mimikyu to Mimikme, and in Dazzling Gleam showing it's type
-Maybe you should revise some attacks and fix it:
+Poison Dive, Snuggle and Dark Lariat should be Physical, not special
+Mind Smasher, Blackfire, Mach Arrow, Razor Shell, Fairy Fang and Anchor Shot doesn't do any damage
+Tectonic Rage should be Ground type, and Boomburst is bug type instead of normal
+Nature Madness should Halves the target HP, Solar Blade doesn't charge, Shadow Sneak Recover HP
+Spectra Tail need a better animation (The animation it have at the moment fit better with the move Psystike or Psyshock). Poison Dive needs a better animation too
+Doomfire should have the same animation it have Black fire or Flareball; Thunderslam the same animation it have Volt tackle, Soul Blaze the same animation it have Clang Scale
+Shell Trap should work like Focus Punch and be Fire type
+Plume Petal should change the name to Toxic Petals or be grass type
+Attack with long names should have the Japanese name. Example are: SparklAria to Bubble Aria , Dazzle Gleam to Magic Shine, NatureMadness to Nature Wrath, Etc.)
-Revise some moveset (For example, Xatu learn Wish and Future Sight at level 35, the it learns Confuse Ray at level 50, like "WHAT!?")
-Elevated the encounter rato of Wimpod, Golisopod and Kangaskhan
-Make Silvally:K evolve to Silvally, not to Silvally Silvally:T
-Make Miniode learn a least one move that are the other type it have (Example: the electric one can learn Shock Wave, and the ice one Ice Beam)
-Place the Move Reminder in Fuchsia City with the Move Deleter Plz!
-Make Move Tutors be infinites! And change some TM's and Move Tutor like
+TM01 Focus Punch to Focus Blast
+TM03 Water Pulse to Scald
+TM09 Bullet Seed to Leech Life
+TM12 Taunt to Poison Jab
+TM21 Frustation to Shadow Claw
+TM23 Iron Tail to Iron Head
+TM34 Shock Wave to Wild Charge
+TM41 Torment to Stone Edge
+TM43 Secret Power to Hyper Voice
+TM47 Steel Wing to Flash Cannon
+TM48 Skill Swap to Dazzling Gleam
+TM49 Snatch to Dark Pulse
+TM50 Overheat to Dragon Pulse
+Tutor of Body Slam to False Swipe
+Tutor of Counter to Flame Charge
+Tutor of Double-Edge to Giga Impact
+Tutor of Dream Eater to Earth Power
+Tutor of Mega Kick to Zen Heatbutt
+Tutor of Mega Punch to Drain Punch
+Tutor of Metronome to Signal Beam
+Tutor of Seismic Toss to Ancient Power
+Tutor of Softboiled to Roost

And i think that's all i can contribute with. I know that is more work for you to do, but i think that with the help of G3T (It's icon is a Timer ball) this could be more easy to complete