Beta Tester for Pokemon Saffron Version and Pokemon Chroma Version

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The Discord Server is officially closed until further notice.

Also, the Memory Spheres have been removed.
what if i'm already in the discord server? what than?
Rom hacks i support: Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter, Pokemon Gaia, Pokemon Firered Rocket Edition, Pokemon Orange, Pokemon Unbound, Pokemon Masterquest, Pokemon Saffron Version, Pokemon Dark energy

Hacks I have beta tested: Pokemon Masterquest, Pokemon Saffron.

beta tester for: Pokemon Saffron version. Pokemon Chroma Version

i decided since my beta testing is slow to just try beta testing 3 rom hacks. as i'm currently doing 2 at the moment i figure i could pick up a 3rd one to beta test. PM me or leave a visitor message and i will more than likely help beta test your Rom hack.