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name: ivan/an illegible mess.
weapon main: dual blades, hammer, charge blade, long sword
in-game name: saska (mhgu), starlight (mhw)
hunter rank: hr 55 or so in mhw, hr 80+ in mhgu
currently playing: mhgu and mhw
friendcode: i dont know my switch code off the top of my head, but my psn id is anillegiblemess

i'm so glad there's an mh group here!! it's good to know more people on here play it. i was afraid i was the only one; but i think world helped expand the series popularity. my first game was mh4u. i loved it so much; it got me hooked instantly. i bought a playstation JUST to play mhw... thats how much i love these games. it's definitely a special interest for me. my favorite monsters are odogaron, the magalas, yian kut-ku and zinogre! i'm super excited for iceborne thats coming out later this week. a lot of the monsters that are showing up arent my fav (yian garuga, rajang, tigrex, gold and silver raths) but i actually enjoyed world and i want to try this one out. i really hope they bring gore and shaggy back though ;; i'd also like to see the rest of the fated 4 make a comeback!
Ahhh sweet!! Welcome to the club! :D I'll add you right now!

Yeah, no doubt World broadened the western audience for MH and I'm so happy that's the case. I really hope the World players branch out into the handheld games as well, since those are my personal favorites. <3 And hey! My first MH game was 4U too! I'm so glad people were able to appreciate that entry. :')

Actually, someone who plays World regularly, do they have Frenzy Resist in that? Or any skill that would impact how Gore/Shagaru's abilities work? Because that may be indicative of a future release.