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i'll make tiny changes to earth.

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Frenzy Res (or something similar) isn't currently a skill in World, and afaik it's not been found in the Iceborne beta or anything. Still possible though that the Magalas could be put in at some future point though
i think they'll be put in the game. there hasnt been a lot of data mining in iceborne done yet, so no one knows for sure if frenzy res is in the game. i only think the magalas will show up again because nergigante shares their skeleton and a majority of their movesets. fighting it for me was like fighing spiky shaggy lol. i fought gore/shaggy thousands of times in 4u and nerg was no sweat once i figured out it had the same moves.

also, for the new glav music, i actually dont like it as much as the og one from gen :( it doesnt sound as aggressive/menacing to me. to be fair, i fought glav recently in iceborne and it was kind of a pushover. its charged tail swipe doesnt instacart you like it did in gen. i'm definitely not complaining tho lol. havent fought acidic glav yet but i've heard its set is good for long sword!

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