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Even though I am a relatively recent player, I must be part of this. Where's my Dragonator Submission Form!

Name: Venia Silente
Weapon Main: Switch Axe ; Dual Blades
Currently Playing: MH3U (3DS), about 150 hr in
In-game Name Nadia (Save 3)

I've liked the MH music and monster designs for a good while, when I first met the franchise ca. 2016. However my first experiences playing MH4U were disastrous, I couldn't get past the introductory missions and didn't really "get" the game. However, a friend and fellow FF writer had since persisted in hooking me into the game and eventually I decided to gave them another opportunity. Under advice from that friend, from r/monsterhunter and even from /mhg/ I decided to start with MH3U and I can say I am no dissapoint after about 150 h of playtime in little less than a month.

I eventually plan to retake MH4U and maybe even MHXX, and I'm assisting a fellow DnD group member in playing World, but for now my focus is on MH3U. The games are really cool - I did not even held the 3DS capable of games with such ambiance. And I am told the game is much better on the Wii(U?) but a 3DS is all I have and even there it's done marvels.

Dunno what else can I say about the games? I know some lore and stuff (Ancient Fatalis ftw), the monster designs are top notch and something I wish Gamefreak took some lessons from (Royal Ludroth, Zinogre, Barioth, Teo&Luna, Kulve Taroth!) and I hold the music in high esteem - my current ringtone is Electric Rebel, Astalos' theme which is saying something because to get there it had to dethrone the likes of FF VIII's The Legendary Beast which had been my ringtone for half a year.

And... have been following the Iceborne news and memes and it looks really interesting and it's good to see Terry Bogard Electric Doggo make it in. But man, does Shara Ishvalda look weird.
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