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Posted May 20th, 2017
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I have some different language pokemon I got either through GTS or wonder trade:

Spinnarak (German, OT: Anne ID No: 57878)
Alomomola (German, OT: Teiga ID No: 29602)
Ampharos (Spanish, OT: Valefor ID No: 21360)
Smeargle (Spanish, OT: EDUARDO ID No: 16810)
Marill (Spanish, OT: Stolz ID No: 06377)
Magnemite (Korean, OT: (I can't type name it is in Korean) ID: 06797)
Electabuzz (French, OT: LOIC ID No: 45124)
Mawile (French, OT: LUCK ID No: 05485)
Sableye (Japanese OT: (name is in Japanese can't type it sorry) ID No: 01823)

I am interested in a female HA tangela, a Female HA sableeye, and a HA chansey. My in game name is Daska and my friend code is 2294-4687-0797.

I understand that because these pokemon came from GTS or wonder trade that some may be hacked. I am not sure how to check. If you require anymore information about these pokemon to determine if they are legit please let me know I am more then happy to provide it.