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    Gyakuten Kenji 2
    Let's Play! by Miss Doronjo @ Pokecommunity Forums

    Now, you'd probably guessed that Gyakuten Kenji 2 is a Japanese game, but, that's because of one thing: Capcom did not localize this game outside of Japan. However, this LP is going to represent it anyway, and maybe give more insight to what it's about!

    (aka. there are translations~!)

    So, you may ask, what's this game about? Well, if you have played Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, you'll probably know that it's basically a game where you'd have to solve problems, answer questions, gain evidence, all under one specific plot. [if you don't know what I'm talking about, just search it up on google, or even better, play it!]

    Now, this game, features gameplay largely reminiscent of its predecessor, Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, with the "Investigation", "Logic" and "Confrontation" modes returning. A new element involves "Chess Logic". During conversations with certain characters, the player must find a weakness in the conversation within a limited amount of time. You'd have to utilize all that while sticking towards the main plot of the story, and to be careful of not trending too far off of your logic.

    Anyways, I really hope you've enjoyed this! I haven't made an LP in a while... so I hope you'll find this to be enjoyable!

    Case 1, Part 1 - We have Returned!


    25th March 2:55 PM
    Gourd Lake, Floating Stage

    Ah, Gourd Lake... I wonder what monsters we will see today!

    (This has probably made worldwide news by now.
    An attempt on the life of a country's president.)


    (His condition hasn't been made public yet, maybe.)

    Oh, it's just Edgeworth.

    (My name is Miles Edgeworth. I'm a prosecutor at the DA's office.)

    Yeah... your a little late; I've already figured that out.

    (I've been put in charge of this case, but...)

    ...but you need a sidekick, right? Hm... who could be Edgey's sidekick...

    Prosecutor Edgeworth, hold up, pal!

    Sidekick found!

    We’ve been waiting for you, pal!


    (This man's name is Dick Gumshoe.
    He may not look it, but he's a jurisdiction detective.)

    Ah monster-esque Homicide detective! The perfect sidekick!

    (He's often sent to help out on my cases.)

    Because the other police forces didn't want to do them.

    How is the President?

    How does usually one fare after a gun-incident?

    I dunno yet, pal!

    Even the world-smartest detective doesn't know!

    Gumshoe: They’re various emergency guys, but I think they are all in the airplane…

    ...Probably forced to digest airline food for hours.

    Is that so…?
    (If he is safe, that is definitely good.)

    ...Minutes later, he's screaming in pain.

    Edgeworth: In any case, please show me to the scene of the crime.

    Ah, the direct approach!

    You got it, pal!

    Well, with the world's smartest detective, we can tag along too!

    Hey Mister!
    Hey, Listen!

    Oh god, Don't tell me Navi is in this game...

    (Huh? What was that?)

    QUICK, You better head back to Saria to tell her that your leaving!

    Mister, are ya the
    prosecutor in charge here?

    Ah, it's someone who's even more annoying than Navi. An Ace attorney photographer character.

    Wont ya please tell me
    a little something?


    I will be refraining from commenting.
    Detective Gumshoe! Let’s go!

    Nah, conforming back to the world-smartest detective is more fun.

    *more parts soon to come!*

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