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Posted October 25th, 2019
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Is there any list of custom pokemons?I have spotted spira,snowgon which destroyed the gym and rivals only to realize its gonna evolve to snowfist too(damn),what about moveset guide per level etc?It would be nice if brezeon learned any special stab moves while growing up cuz its a really boring pokemon to use without it stab firepower.Can learn strength for some reason but cant fly too.I get that its a fake geodude but should atleast learn fly cuz its not even a special move.I really liked snowgon,Hope it learns a close combat or drain punch.Got decent speed to unlike the original fight and ice type.

Is Machamp glitched?what type is it?neither psychic nor flying type moves are supereffective against it.

Btw is froakie,greninja or frogadier available in game?

or the mudkip line