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Alaerth | Alaerth’s territory

Alaerth slowly shut his eyes, feeling the rush of wind blowing past him, across his body and his wings while his tail lazily swiped through the air behind him. He glided along the currents of hot air keeping him afloat far above the mountain where his home was. He could see far into the horizon; The forest below spanning for miles and miles, the small chain of mountains reaching slightly to the north-east and the massive lake that lay just beyond his home, at the foot of the mountain, within the forest.

A smile grazed the blue dragon’s expression at both the feeling of soaring across the skies, a happy, rumbling growl erupting from within his chest as he pulled his wings tighter against his body, suddenly diving downwards. He decided to have himself some fun and spun around himself for a while before suddenly changing course to moving up again, his wings unfolding once more, though this time, he was slowly descending from the heights.

This is perfect. No better way to start a day than with a long flight. And the weather is great. Maybe I’ll have a nap on one of the large rocks next to the lake. He pondered as he continued gliding downwards, his tounge shooting out of his mouth to taste the air. Hrmh… though maybe I should get myself a meal first. I could head to the village and see what the humans are up to. He paused, his brow furrowing as he tried to make a decision. I’m sure I’ll think of something by the time I’m on the ground. For now… I think I’ll just enjoy the descent. he concluded with a nod to himself, along with another, content smile.

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