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    Originally Posted by drevilg View Post
    Wow, i love the new Tiles, Good luck with this, ITs comming along nicly.
    Any help needed, its right here!

    Good luck.

    *I just got my new Computor*

    thnx ^^ and ok ty for your help ;)

    @ZapMolCuno: ^^ thnx ZapMolCuno

    @prince112: And yes i'll look to that tut's ;) and about the past there is a celebi statue in the tropical valley if you talk to it there will someothing happend and then you'll taleported to the past (Violet city)

    I've got new updates for tropical valley people ^^ (CREDITS TO SERGIO-- FOR THE PALMTREE TILE) import/Recollerd by me to the collors of the safarie tree
    Anyway... enjoy the new screens ^^

    That was all for now people
    I hope you like it ^^
    Cya people

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