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Originally Posted by hugepokefan13 View Post
hey just want to congrat you on making a amazing hack i loved it and looking forward for the next beta + good luck (:

Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
For some reason, I can't seem to be able to open the IPS File.
Please reupload a new file, Doctor.
I recommend A-Patch over IPS.

As you can see, A-Patch is more advanced.
I know, I beta tested it. :( Also, it's A-Ptch.

Originally Posted by Sparky1344 View Post
The Doctor I loved your hack just no words for the greatness sir, I love you

Oh and I will Lp this hack do you mind if you watch it?

Originally Posted by LightSlei View Post
I just finished one, however hardly finished as I can't get the warps into the forest to work, I tried reloading the state a few hundred times but the two warp squares simply just freeze the game.

I hope you don't mind me going ahead and doing one without your permission. If you do have a problem please pm me on the youtube account and I'll delete them.

Mind telling me when you add an update so it works and I can finish?
Sure. Check the official beta 1 release post. :(

Originally Posted by The Master View Post
That happens to me, too. :/

A fix is to save before leaving the forest, close your emulator, reload Sienna and exit the forest from the entrance, re-entering and going out. It works for me when I do that.

Yeah, you have to trek through the grass again. Ah well.
I found a solution anyway. :D

Originally Posted by kyo_the_kitsune View Post
Help! When I try to load the ips patch, It says that it "Couldn't be opened for reading'

Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
Can you please answer my question, Doctor? I can't wait anymore. I want to play this Hack ASAP after
you upload a new patch.


I've been working on some things. I don't have much to show, as I don't like spoiling things.

edit: .rar file containing an A-Ptch patch is now available on the first post.
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