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    Basically, this one is huge. What you will be seeing is almost twice as much activity in Empire Isle and the start of your struggle to bring down Team Rocket, who are operating simultaneously in Kanto and Empire Isle, redistributing profits from selling rare Pokemon caught in Empire Isle to their colleagues in Kanto.

    Now you will be able to earn up to 4 Royal Badges, and also visit the town Gym 5 is based in however it remains locked until the next instalment in which your fight against Team Rocket really takes off (Pardon the pun).

    Beta 0.2.1 ended with my party of three at just under Level 30. My predictions for the end of this Beta are a party of 4 at around level 40. Considering some official Pokemon Games Elite Four had levels forties, this is a lot to look forward to. You also get the pleasure of meeting the one and only... Gary Oak!

    Here's your tease with ten NEW screenies of the new areas and encounters you'll face!


    Demo coming soon!
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