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Originally Posted by TheRabidWookiee View Post
Charmander, my most favorite Pokemon ever since red and blue. I am playing Black 2 currently and just completed my 5th gym battle ( about to do the 6th) I was wondering how to go about getting a charmander, I know I will have to go into the online trade thing and what not, but it wont let me search for certain letters.... I just really want a dadgum charmander... can anyone help me?
So I'm guessing you just tried the GTS (Global Trading Station) and you're wondering why you can't search for Charmander. Unfortunately, GTS search responses are determined by which Pokémon you have "seen" in your Pokédex. So if you've never come across a Charmander through battle or trade, you cannot request for one in the GTS. Messed up, right? Well luckily that's what this forum is for. If you head over to our Quick Trade Thread, located in Trade Shops sub-forum, you can make your own request for a whichever Pokémon you're in need of. If you make a reasonable offer in return for Charmander, another member will be happy enough to complete your trade. Good luck getting your Charmander!