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Isn't getting kicked for grammar a little harsh? Considering the time it takes to write these and the time a lot of us have, it isn't like we can edit these professionally (well I usually can't.) You also didn't specify who is committing these problems, which may or may not help the person. I assume you are talking to me about the hands thing (who else uses their hands?) and yes I forgot about the previous injury, but granted my memory is bad and that was almost a week again a fictional universe. I can barely remember things from yesterday in the real universe.

My grammar is also not so great (this one may not be referring to me, I always write in past tense and every mistake on point of view I have caught while writing) which also seems a little harsh considering I don't come here to stress myself about my lack of grammar skills.
Please do not post something so hostile and (as I read it) demanding.

Finally thanks for the answer, I suppose that whole system wouldve fallen apart by now, still the Swords would still exist as they are protectors and this is the time the island's residents need them most. (Maybe that is an opinion though)
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