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Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
Considering the time it takes to write these and the time a lot of us have, it isn't like we can edit these professionally (well I usually can't.)
I'm not sure he wants a 'professional' standard, maybe something that's not quite as hard to read. Running it through a spell checker can pick up mistakes, though I always find reading it through aloud can help you pick up many errors as you have to read every word, as opposed to reading in our head in which we pass over many words when forming a sentence. Or, find a friend to read it before you post it up.

Spelling and grammar is just as important as your actual story in your post, as it is your portal to helping other members understand what youre trying to portray. Also, as a lot of other members here are foreign or have dyslexia (or some other reading disabilities) and use roleplaying to help practice these skills, using proper writing helps not only yourself, but others learning.

Originally Posted by Khawill View Post
I assume you are talking to me about the hands thing (who else uses their hands?) and yes I forgot about the previous injury, but granted my memory is bad and that was almost a week again a fictional universe. I can barely remember things from yesterday in the real universe.
Quickly reading over your last post and others in between solves that problem. Or, if you have trouble remembering things, you could try writing down what happens to your character, physically and mentally, and revising it whenever you write a post.

Remember, don't take all this too personally. CarefulWetPaint is not attacking you directly, but critiquing your work and giving you advice on how to improve.
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