Thread: [Discussion] Is rom-hacking on the decline?
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    I don't think its dying, and I haven't been around my self too much lately because I have to Adult it and Life of course.

    Without the numbers on how many new hackers come into the seen every day or week.
    It's hard to determine if its rising or falling or just sitting in idle.

    I can say that the lack of updated tools and outdated links to older tools can push some newer hackers away by far.
    Also outdated tutorials don't help either...

    Honestly a all in one tool for gen 3 games would be ideal and keeping it open source would only benefit the future makers.

    Also as megaman d pointed out, I see no reason to not update and expand on a GBA emulator.
    The emulated hardware really does become a limiting factor and there are not many these days who play their GBA games on the real hardware anyway. So why not a custom GBA with more memory and dev options ect.
    Yes games made for it would only work on it but that's where cross platform comes in.
    Just an idea though.

    Lastly, too many want to do their project and have abandoned team projects.
    It really does seem the better known hacks always have a good team behind them with a exception here and there of course...
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