Thread: [Discussion] Is rom-hacking on the decline?
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    I thought about it too but I don't know how we "emulate" the games also isn't the memory capacity in roms?
    anyways, gba might or probably can be explored more but making a more advanced gba would make it just like a DS, wouldn't it?
    Emulation does take a considerable amount more work.
    As you are emulating a gameboy advanced hardware in sofware form.
    But really to expand on it wouldn't be too much work for those who have made a emulator or took part in.

    Ram is not in the Rom as those are two different memory areas.
    ROM is what is in the game cart alog with SRAM(for saving if the game has save).
    RAM is in the Gameboy Advance along with the CPU and all the other goodies.

    If I was good enough I would have already tried to play with this idea, but I'm slowly working my way up to that level.. One day I will be there hahahaha
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