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Originally Posted by Impo View Post
yeah, i think your right :) .
I've been thinking, maybe the protagonists gets the powers and turns evil,
then his 'mentor' and the other evil person are rivals, working under their boss to deliver him the supernatural powers, and now that the two have failed they have to remove the supernatural powers from him (using an item im creating yet). The 'protagonist' finds the link between the two and finds the boss, battling him and a little more will happen.
I think it gives the storyline more sense, because im making the protganist get kicked out of home, sleeping at the dojo and then the map to an ancient cave is stolen. then the protagonist knows where the lair of the other evil guy is.

Thanks for all your help :) ,
i think i could actually be making some progress :) .
So you plan to have a boss now? I'll add motivations for the boss to have them do the work for them (instead of doing it himself) would be something to consider. Make sure the 'item' that can remove said super-powers is well established in the story too so it doesn't appear to come out of left field.

Originally Posted by Canine View Post
Hello, I'm a huge fan of writing and this idea has been in my head for a while. I'll just get right to it. Yes, it is Pokemon, but I thrown in a little sic-fi and fantasy since I'll be more comfortable while writing this.

Plot Idea:
This takes place several years after Ash and gang's journey (I'm looking between 30-40 years, I still don't know what roles they'll have). They discovered multiple regions since then, some are high-tech while others are behind in technology. This story takes place in one of the regions that isn't high-tech (I currently don't have a name for it), but the region has a lot of history. (Note: I'll still include some other regions, but I don't want it to become a typical journeyfic.)

A ancient pokemon which has been lost in history except for the people of this region awakens. How? Still not quite sure. However, it's only the spirit/soul of the pokemon, its body is lost. This "spirit" pokemon wants revenge on the pokemon world for destroying and forgetting about it. It is up to trainers from all regions to stop this pokemon and save the pokemon world.
End Plot (for now)

I know it sounds inoriginal, but it'll be different once I write it. So, any help and criticism? Thanks for the help.
I'd consider then what the charatcers are like as well as their rols 30-40 years in the future, as well as what the did during that time in general (I can't say I know much about the anime characters though as I do not watch it too much, although I know the general stuff). Establishing the region and making sure we know what places look like would be important too as you're using a fan-made region rather than one already existing in canon.

Same goes for this Pokemon - I do wonder about how it was 'destroyed' and how it plans to get its revenge as well - just genral mayhem or using ghostly powers to say possess/hynotise others or whatnot? It does sound interesting though, so if you think up the right stuff for the current gaps from that summary it could go rather well, that fic idea IMO.
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